Arpi Nursery School

Since 1974

Arpi Nursery School was started by Arpi Meras in 1974 with the intent on providing a special family environment for all children. The center has grown from 25 children to 173 children, providing a service for parents in our diverse community.

Latest News

Arpi Nursery School: Re-registration

Hello everyone We are halfway through August and we want to thank all the parents for the their patience as we navigate through this process. We feel that the children are doing much better than expected with all the routine times. To all the parents that had differed their readmission to September, this is the time to get in touch with us at the daycare. You

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First week after re-opening

Dear Parents. We completed our first week back from a long break (if that is what we can call it). It was such a pleasure to see  our kids and parents. After anticipating many different scenarios of what the first week would be like, I feel that we as a staff with the support and understanding of all our parents had a GREAT WEEK. To all

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