Arpi Nursery School

Since 1974

Arpi Nursery School was started by Arpi Meras in 1974 with the intent on providing a special family environment for all children. The center has grown from 25 children to 173 children, providing a service for parents in our diverse community.

Latest News

Reminder to our parents

To All our Parents: We know the weather is changing and children  will get a cold (runny nose, sneezing). It is very difficult navigating day to day routines during these colder months and our COVID protocols. We are committed in providing a safe environment for the children we have in our care. As you all are aware daycare is for healthy children and they must be able to participate in

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Halloween is here

We would like to remind you that we will be celebrating Halloween onFriday October 30th 2020 Please remember that if you wish to send your child in costume you may but please make sure that they have a change of clothes as they will not be in costume after lunch. It would be helpful if you could send an appropriate bag for your child’s costume after they

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