Arpi’s Newsletter: October News

What’s going on in that room?

    • Infant

      The children are exploring paint and feeling the texture! Welcome to all the new children and teachers!

    • Toddler

      Toddlers having a stroll in the nice fall weather.

    • Preschool

      The children have been interested in digging and finding insects they love to use the magnify glasses!
      Aline’s room is making a cherry tomato plant, make sure to look inside her room to see it.

    • Kindergarten

      Welcome Kindergarteners Cynthia and Angel class is making their names with tape and paint keep and eye out!

    • School Age

      Jennifer and Aurore are thrilled to see their older school age helping the new school age by showing them the way around!
      Nicola and the class are happy to make the newsletter for Arpi Nursery School!
      Come look at all the fun experiments we have done in the room!

    • Armenian Heritage

      The Armenian room is discussing the weather changes and what clothes everyone needs to bring!

Fun facts about October.

Did you know that in October we celebrate Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is on Monday October 9th, 2018 we will be closed, but enjoy the family time!

Also October is coming soon which means we need to dress warmer! Make sure everyone has jackets, light hats, sweaters, and proper shoes for the chilly weather.

Last but not least our favourite part about October is…. HALLOWEEN bring your best costume because we will!

Hope you enjoyed the newsletter By The School Age Class


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