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Escorting to school

Children who are enrolled in the child care center, and are attending either senior/junior Kindergarten or grade school, are escorted to the local public or separate school.

Arpi Nursery School will arrive at the appropriate schools, allowing the children appropriate time to board the buses.

Attendance is taken. If child is not in bus and no message left, a call to the school, then parents is made.

If you are picking your child up from school please inform us ahead of time or come to the bus pick up spot and let us know.

We will not leave any of our daycare children behind once our buses are loaded, even if there is a message of parent pick up.

All children must behave with respect and safety awareness while on the daycare buses or they may lose this privilege.

Arpi Nursery School will not be responsible for escorting (bussing) school-age children if Board of Education buses are not doing their bus routes (due to weather).