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Parent Quotes

Our children are safe with our professional and compassionate teachers

My daughter has been attending this daycare since she was 1 year old and has loved every single day there, she actually misses her tachers and friends on the weekends and can’t wait to go back to see them. The wonderful staff of this daycare have been raising my child for the past 4 years and have become a part of our family.
Irina Balayan
I had all four of my children in this beautiful daycare. This daycare is by far the best! Not only is this daycare a great place for your children to grow but is also full of amazing staff who truly care for your children as if they were their own. HANDS DOWN best place ever!!! Great JOB Arpi and all the beautiful staff 🙂
Joseline Shamoon
Arpi Nursery School is a wonderful asset to the community of kids and parents. It’s helped my parents a lot when we were young children who just arrived to Canada.
Sho Papazian
Former Student
Arpi Nursery was home to my kids for over 10 years! This is more than just a daycare; it`s an institution and Arpi is part of our family!
Tania Sirmakesyan
Both of my children received their first years of education, social interaction and lessons in true values at Arpi Nursery School. It has been a huge asset to its communities locally and at large.
Teena Derderian
Both my son and daughter attended Arpi Nursery. Being new immigrants to Canada, Arpi was very helpful to us in every aspect. We owe her a lot because she is a kind and compassionate person and always helpful. Besides daycare there were many activities going on such as dancing lessons, participation in the yearly Caravan 10 days long festival, trips to Armenia, different provinces of Canada, representing Canada in a cultural festival in Peru and many more. Now my daughter and son will soon have their own families and most definitely would like to send their children to Arpi Nursery.
Kevork Papazian
Very welcoming and warm environment, the kids felt at home right from the get go and they are truly happy here. Staff is approachable, knowledgeable and understanding of all our needs. From the nurseries that we toured in Toronto, this was our favorite.Highly recommended.
Roman Gortsakalyan and Iveta Papoyan
Parents of Martin & Levon
My daughter has learned so much in kindergarten. Every day something new. I am very glad that she is going to Arpi Nursery School, despite the fact that it is far away from us.
Artak Arzumanyan
This was my childhood home, this was where I grew up and the reason I am the person I am today. The Nursery school does so much for the children in that community, It is such a diverse, multicultural, open and wonderful environment for all those children.
Saro Madian
Former Student
Arpi Nursery School is the greatest daycare. My children love everyone there and it is a convenient location for where I work.
Denise Freitas
Arpi Nursery School was my home growing up. What I know and Who I am today it’s because of Arpi Nursery School…..I truly loved it there.
Talar Bakhdikian
Arpi Nursery was very convenient for me when my kids were growing up because my husband and I were always working and we felt very safe leaving them there after school. Not only that, they loved being there after school with their friends. This nursery really helped me keep peace of mind while I was working because I knew that my kids were in good hands and that is something that every parent appreciates. This is why Arpi Nursery is an essential part of the community and it should remain open to serve future generations of children and adults who can benefit from it. Arpi Nursery holds a special place in all of our hearts
Rita Baoukian
Safe and warm atmosphere. Right choice for kids.
Vahag Aydinyan
Arpi nursery is the best place on earth! I grew up there and am the person I am today because it.
Sonya Simonian
Former Student

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