Program Objectives

The Centre strives to:

  • Foster optimum development of each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative skills through broad range of preschool and school age activities.
  • Work co-operatively with parents to build and maintain communication between the home and school.
  • Participate too co-operatively to help children with special needs.
  • Recognize and be aware of each individual child’s developmental levels and encourage growth and advancement to the next stage of their development.
  • Provide an environment where the children can learn about the world around them through a multicultural/anti bias program focus.
  • Provide opportunities for healthy relationships with other children and adults based on respect, affection, and humor, freedom from bias or prejudice.
  • Accommodate student placement.

Daily Routine will include:

  1. Creative activities
  2. Dramatic Play
  3. Music and Movement
  4. Sensory and Tactile Activities
  5. Active/Gross Motor Activities
  6. Fine Motor/Cognitive Activities
  7. Free Play
  8. Group/Educational Circle Time
  9. Washroom Routine
  10. Snack and Lunch Routine
  11. Rest Time

Staff plans weekly activities, special events and trips. All program plans are posted for parents in their children’s classroom.