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Program Objectives

Arpi Nursery School’s programs use a play-based learning program model to support children’s optimal learning and development.

Research confirms that play is the primary way that all children learn. We believe children learn when they are engaged, active, interested, challenged and having fun.

The experiences that help children learn depend on materials and approaches that are provided.

Learning takes place spontaneously and through planned activities which are provided by exposure to a variety of media. As the child experiences these things, they adapt to them in a way relevant to their own developmental stage. Our program supports learning and development in all areas: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, language and literacy development.

Through observations and exploration of the child’s interest, teachers will provide both active and quiet activities that will create a positive environment that will stimulate all areas of the child’s development while meeting the needs of each individual.

We provide a variety of material for children to explore and manipulate through-out their day