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On the first day your child attends Arpi Nursery School, parents are encouraged to stay for a short period of time. As the staff helps the child with the transition, we suggest that the parents leave with a simple “good-bye” and a promise to see the child soon.

We also suggest that you pick up your child early for the first few days. Parents should feel free to telephone during the day to see how their child is doing.

An interview will be arranged to familiarize you and your child with the surroundings, answer questions, and complete admission forms prior to enrollment.

The Day Nurseries act stipulates that a designated third party be named on the admission form. In the event that a parent cannot be reached or is unable to pick up the child, the third party will be notified. Cases such as illness, accident, emergency, car trouble, late, meetings etc, may warrant contacting your third party. Proof of identification may be required when the designated person picks up your child.