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Arpi Nursery School: Re-registration

Hello everyone We are halfway through August and we want to thank all the parents for the their patience as we navigate through this process. We feel that the children are doing much better than expected with all the routine times. To all the parents that had differed their readmission to September, this is the time to get in touch with us at the daycare. You

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First week after re-opening

Dear Parents. We completed our first week back from a long break (if that is what we can call it). It was such a pleasure to see  our kids and parents. After anticipating many different scenarios of what the first week would be like, I feel that we as a staff with the support and understanding of all our parents had a GREAT WEEK. To all

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Important notes about August 4th re-opening

As you know we are re- opening today, on August 4th. The following are a list of notes to keep in mind: 1. School Hours: Opening at 7:30 am and closing at 5:30pm sharp. We have been closed since mid-March and we need to remember that this will be difficult for your children to resume a routine. As parents will not be allowed past the screening area,

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COVID-19: Reopening Arpi Nursery School

Hello to all our Parents, Guardians and Caregivers: As you know, we have been closed since mid-March when the Province declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 which included closing down of all childcare centres. In mid-June, childcare centres where given the “green-light” to reopen. As there is much to do in preparation to reopen, we are working towards a current projected reopening date

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COVID-19: School Update

We wanted to update you that Premier Doug Ford announced that the declaration of emergency continues to be in place until April 23rd. 2020. therefore we will remain closed. Please make sure you keep listening to the news for updated information. We will also provide them as we get them. We hope everyone had a safe and unique Holiday week-end. We saw that some parents had

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Arpi’s Kindergarten Tribune – November 2019

November is a time of transition We are transitioning from fall weather to winter weather. This means that children will be experiencing the changes in their surroundings, the weather, the time, and the way they dress. We do still go outside with the children so please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for outdoor play. Please start to think about boots and indoor

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Arpi’s Kindergarten Tribune – October 2019

Arpi Nursery School welcomes all the children back for another  year full of learning and fun-filled activities: It’s been a busy couple of months after the summer.  Fall is in the air, the staffs at Arpi Nursery School are excited about the new experiences they will have. Some of the children have moved to other rooms.     Notice to parents!!! Please remember to inform the

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Infant and toddler spaces available

We are pleased to announce the availability of additional infant and toddler spaces. Drop in any day during the week between 9am – 11am or contact us to get additional information.

Annual Concert

Dear Parents. Arpi Nursery School will be holding our annual hantes (concert) on Saturday June 15th 2019 at 13:30 sharp! We will have a light reception following the concert. Thank you

Arpi’s Newsletter: October News

What’s going on in that room? Fun facts about October. Did you know that in October we celebrate Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is on Monday October 9th, 2018 we will be closed, but enjoy the family time! Also October is coming soon which means we need to dress warmer! Make sure everyone has jackets, light hats, sweaters, and proper shoes for the chilly weather. Last but

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