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Arpi’s Kindergarten Tribune – November 2019

November 5, 2019

November is a time of transition

We are transitioning from fall weather to winter weather. This means that children will be experiencing the changes in their surroundings, the weather, the time, and the way they dress.

We do still go outside with the children so please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for outdoor play.

Please start to think about boots and indoor shoes. The ground will be wet and they must have clean, shoes for indoor play.

Notice to parents!!!

Please remember to inform the school if there is ever any change to the information you provided to us, such as addresses or telephone numbers, or health conditions.  This is essential to ensure that both you and your children receive any vital information should we need to contact you for any reason.

Breaking News!!!

Our new infant and toddler rooms are well on their way of being completed. We are at the final stages. Thank you to all the parents and children for all your support and encouragement through this process.

Remembrance Day

November is Remembrance Day and we try to do our part in remembering.

 Routine: Reminders…….

We would like to remind all parents the importance of a routine when picking your children up at the end of the day.

Once you go to the classroom to get your children please do so without disturbing the rest of the group.

Remember that your child maybe leaving but there are other children that are staying and need the teacher’s attention. If you wish to discuss your child’s development or if you have concerns, please do so with a phone call (staff may also call you at their most convenient time).

We would also like to remind you that you must keep your children with you at all times once you pick them up from the class. Your children are your responsibility once you have come to pick them up.

It is getting darker earlier so please be advised to keep a closer eye on them when you leave the building.

Your cooperation is necessary to provide a safe environment for your children.