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Important notes about August 4th re-opening

August 4, 2020

As you know we are re- opening today, on August 4th. The following are a list of notes to keep in mind:

1. School Hours: Opening at 7:30 am and closing at 5:30pm sharp.

We have been closed since mid-March and we need to remember that this will be difficult for your children to resume a routine.

As parents will not be allowed past the screening area, children will have a difficult time separating from their parents. You are welcome to phone and check in.

2. We would also like to ask that if your schedule allows, it would be helpful for everyone  (especially your child) to make it a shorter day for the first couple of days. This will make the transition a bit easier.

3. You must bring indoor shoes, sunscreen (preferable spray), and sunhat.

4. No food allowed (excluding infants)

5. We are sending  you pictures of   the staff with/without masks. Please show your children these pictures as it will help with the transition.

6. Make sure you have read all the policies that were provided on our website.

(screen at home, no Tylenol, call if you will be absent)

4. Finally, we want to remind parents that this process is new for all of us and we are/and will continue to be working through perceived challenges.

The screening will take anywhere from 5  minutes to 10 minutes.

There may be a line outside the daycare, please respect the physical  distancing expectations. Bring your patience along.

It is important to stick to the times that you have stated you will arrive and pick up.

If you would like to change them please let us know one day ahead, as we need to provide appropriate staffing.

Note: Please  ensure you are adhering to our 5:30 pick up time as we need to utilize the extra time to properly disinfect the centre. This is to ensure the safety of all children and staff.