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October news

October 18, 2012

Fall is a fun time of year with young children. The children have been discussing and experimenting with seasonal changes that are occurring.

  • leaves change colours
  • weather changes temperature
  • we dress in different clothes. please remember that the children need to be appropriately dress to play outside. (Label all articles of clothing).
Halloween pumpkin

Halloween happens to be the one fun holiday that we can celebrate with young children at this time. We at Arpi Nursery School have trick-or-treat in the morning of October 31st.

The children go from class to class and “trick-or-treat” and show each other their costumes (please remember to label all pieces of the costume, if you wish them to stay intact).

We ask that young children always have a change of clothes as they cannot stay in costume all day. We discourage the use of masks as they uncomfortable and many young children may be frightened by them.

We will be carving Jack-O-Lanterns before our Halloween party. We will be having small parties in the class rooms in the afternoon. if you wish to participate with some treats, please make sure they are nut free.

if you have any further questions you may ask your child’s teacher.