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Reminder to our parents

November 1, 2020

To All our Parents:

We know the weather is changing and children  will get a cold (runny nose, sneezing). It is very difficult navigating day to day routines during these colder months and our COVID protocols.

We are committed in providing a safe environment for the children we have in our care. As you all are aware daycare is for healthy children and they must be able to participate in all activities at the center, (including going outside).

In the past we have been able to accommodate parental wishes if they did not want their children to go outside. But during these time we unfortunately cannot accommodate your request as the children are not allowed to join any other cohorts (groups), therefore your child’s class would not be able to go outside.

We know that going outside daily is an important part of our program, especially during these times.

Therefore moving forward if your child is not well enough to participate in all aspects of the program please keep them home until they are able to do so.

We do understand that parents do need to work but we are all  working together for the benefit  of all.

Please remember to notify us when your child will be absent and we would need to know the reason why.

Thank you for your understanding