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COVID-19: Reopening Arpi Nursery School

June 25, 2020

Hello to all our Parents, Guardians and Caregivers:

As you know, we have been closed since mid-March when the Province declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 which included closing down of all childcare centres. In mid-June, childcare centres where given the “green-light” to reopen.

As there is much to do in preparation to reopen, we are working towards a current projected reopening date of July 6th 2020. Please note, this may change as various regulatory approvals are needed to be in place before we open our doors.

The Province released a set of guidelines that childcare operators must adhere to in order to reopen safely. We at Arpi Nursery School have been working to update and revise our policy and procedures for reopening to meet the new guidelines. We are dedicated to protecting the health  and safety of your children, our staff and partners in the community.
One of the new requirements in the guidelines include limiting class sizes, which will reduce the overall number of spaces we currently will have available.

All groups will be a cohort of 10 which will include teachers. In other words, classroom sizes will be limited to 10 people including children and staff.

We will try our best to accommodate as many families as possible by following a prioritization guide, which has been provided to us.
We have reached out to all parents in the last coupe of days. If we have not connected, we ask that you reach out to us. We will be at the daycare Thursday and Friday between 9:30 am-4:00pm. For your convenience, our number is 416-781-1620.

I would like to remind all parents to come by and pick up  any belongings that you may have left at the daycare as there will be a deep cleaning done in the next couple of days. Specifically, there are a number of shoes belonging to School-age/FDK children.

Before opening our door we will be sharing our updated policies relating to COVID-19, intended to ensure the health and safety to all.
We will be letting you know the enrolment status of your child(ren) by Friday. All parents not provided with an enrolled space on July 6th. will be put on a wait list.

As always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions as we try to navigate through this unprecedented time.
Missing you all 

Rozet Madian and Staff.