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First week after re-opening

August 10, 2020

Dear Parents.

We completed our first week back from a long break (if that is what we can call it). It was such a pleasure to see  our kids and parents.

After anticipating many different scenarios of what the first week would be like, I feel that we as a staff with the support and understanding of all our parents had a GREAT WEEK.

To all the parents that had worked, struggled and enjoyed   their kids over these few months, your efforts were noticed at daycare.

Your children responded well to the physical distancing that was expected.
We learned how to communicate with each other, even with the masks on.
We were able to stay in our cohorts, even though it was very difficult.

We learned how to transition within the school with our own cohorts safely.
We were able to use our playgrounds and enjoy the fresh air.

We want to remind all parents that we are following all of the policies and procedures that are posted on our website. If you have not yet looked at it, please make sure you do so..

Some notes to remember

1. The 4 spots in the front of the daycare that are marked with Pylons are reserved for Arpi Nursery School, feel free to use them.

2. We ask that you wait on the side walk during drop off and pick  up times.(remember social distancing also applies to adults).

3. Please remember our revised times of operation 7:30am- 5:30pm.

As always feel free to call anytime if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.